The internal area of influence of the port of Acapulco in terms of cargo, is limited to the municipality where the manufacturing plants are located, Nissan in Morelos, Puebla (VW), Toluca (Chrysler and Freigth Liner), and in Silao and Ramos Arizpe General Motors plants. Transport services are provided through the toll highways of Mexico to the port. In the case of international cruises, the zone of influence is confined to the vicinity of the port where tourist services are currently offered, basically exploiting the local attractions extending from the mouth of the Balsas River to the north and the area of Barra Vieja to the south. No significant influence towards inland (east of the port).

As for the export market and import of vehicles, however, there is no significant influence of the port in other regions, the efficiency and quality of services provided to the vehicles allow the port to operate as an effective liaison point for customers and specialized markets, such is the case in Central and South America mainly for Nissan and Japan, China, Singapore, New Zealand, Korea and Australia for VW and Daimler Chrysler.